We are providing Top Dog Days with an SEO and content marketing strategy. 

Up until recently Top Dog Days was able to rank high in the search engines for almost every attraction that they offer but with more and more sites offering discount tickets and with recent search engine changes they have found this more difficult to achieve.

We were recommened to them by their website design agency and have come up with a strategy to help improve their organic search rankings using a mix of SEO and content marketing. 

Top Dog Days are specialists at finding discount tickets for theme parks and other attractions. Liz Walsh started the company back in 2009 when she herself started looking for places to visit and things to do with her children and husband.

If you are thinking of planning a day out with the family or some friends or a school trip to one of the popular tourist attractions in the UK such as Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure or the London Eye, then Top Dog Days is the place to start. Head over to their website to find out just how you can save money, ensure a fun-filled day out and avoid the busiest times before you embark on your trip.

The thousands of grateful recipients of their insider knowledge have helped to build their reputation as the place to go before planning a day out. Well over 1 million unique visits to our site a year and tonnes of money-saving articles speaks volumes of their web presence and these figures are growing year on year.

Their presence on social media platforms is growing day by day and we understand the importance of keeping and growing connections with customers old and new and reminding you all of just how you can save with Top Dog.

In terms of how the company operates, they have no ties to any of the visitor attractions or hotels they feature information and tips on offers that are entirely impartial and all insider tips and guides are offered completely free of charge to their readers. You might (understandably) ask how they can operate on such a basis, but with promotional advertising with selected trade partners and participation in affiliate marketing programmes they are able to operate like this and eliminate the need to pass on any expenses to their customers.

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