Before Lojix and Cartwright Accountants met each other, each was a much smaller company than they are today. Lojix was an all-round IT company, with a start-up date of 2002, becoming a limited company one year later. Cartwright Accountants approached them to improve their online presence and Lojix responded with a package of organic SEO and pay per click campaigns which rapidly saw Cartwright Accountants rise from a position below the top 50 to a page one presence. Lojix saw that this was the future for the business and they have not looked back since – nor have Cartwright Accountants!

Locally based SEO content in a crowded market

Accountancy firms acknowledge that theirs is a crowded market and in order to rise above the competition it is essential to have good quality content with keywords which will result in the most hits and also make the website score highly with search engines. Natural SEO when a place name is included can by difficult but Lojix struck the right balance from the first and with strategically placed back links and some well-chosen pay per click advertising have ensured that the profile of Cartwright Accountants is consistently high. The website is a model of what a website should be – easy to navigate and with readable, well proofread text.

Sometimes the jargon can be a bit overwhelming

It is tempting for businesses that are just starting out to have a go at putting their own website together and it isn’t hard to do, at the basic level. Many companies are online offering domain names and hosting packages at ridiculously low sums of money. This will not get a business in the top ranking, however. For that, a website needs some well-chosen SEO content, with relevant keywords at the correct frequency and also a pay per click campaign, run with Google or Bing as an absolute minimum. Although the phrases themselves are easy to understand, knowing how they actually work and how to incorporate them in a website really is a job for the experts, and with their 12 years+ in the business, Lojix is the place to go for simple, jargon-free advice. Cartwright Accountants saw their position rocket after Lojix worked on their website and although not every business will see such spectacular results – product and area will continue to have an impact on that – with the right content and PPC campaign in place, everyone will see an improvement and with it, increased business.

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